How to choose a patio dining set

How to choose a patio dining set

Patio furniture that is both comfortable and functional enhances the enjoyment of your outside areas. It is possible to turn a simple stone patio into a destination for outdoor dining by adding a large table and comfy seats. Installing a wicker couch and traditional rocking chair, both of which are covered with soft cushions, on a porch can transform it into a second family room in no time during the warm weather months. The proper patio furniture can make even tiny areas like balconies and pocket gardens inviting places to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Getting some sunlight and fresh air on a beautiful day is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon or evening. As a result, it only makes sense to furnish your comfortable outside area with a patio dining set that is both practical and attractive. Once you follow a few basic guidelines, it becomes pretty easy. Make use of the following guidelines to choose the most appropriate patio furniture in the area. Use these guidelines to assist you in selecting the patio furniture on which you will dine, entertain, drink your morning coffee, and do other activities. A little forethought will go a long way toward making your patio your new favorite place for relaxing, eating, and entertaining.

Make a list of all of the patio furniture you'll need

Prepare your outdoor area by imagining how you would want it to perform its functions. Do you want it to be used as a dining area on hot summer nights? If so, what size table do you want? If so, do you intend to use the area to hold your next dinner party or a birthday celebration for your child? Alternatively, can you picture a tranquil reading nook hidden away in your outdoor room?

Make a list of the activities you want to perform in the area and use that list as a guide to decide what kind of patio furniture you'll need. It is not necessary to have a dining table on your 12x16-foot patio if the space's primary purpose is to entertain informal evening drinks. Instead, choose a space with plenty of comfy seating, numerous side tables, and a fire pit as your centerpiece.

Create a seating plan

When you're brainstorming outdoor dining set ideas, consider how many people you'll need to accommodate consistently. Do you host parties regularly? Do you like chairs that are a little more spacious? Standard tables typically seat four to eight people, but you may also find tables that seat two people and tables that seat ten or more people. When purchasing a patio dining set, it is common to include the proper amount of seats, which eliminates the need for guessing on your side.

Each individual sitting around the table should have at least 24 inches and preferably 30 inches of distance between them to prevent touching elbows with others. Suppose you're purchasing chairs in addition to the table. In that case, you may use the following calculation to calculate how many chairs will fit around the table: Divide the table's perimeter size in inches by 24 (for the smallest amount of space) or by 30 (for the maximum amount of space) (to provide more elbow room). For example, a table measuring 82′′ x 40′′ has a 244′′ circumference, which means it can accommodate ten seats or, more comfortably, eight chairs. Make sure to check the dimensions of the chairs you're considering buying, and perhaps draw a schematic of them so there are no surprises when they're delivered.

Consider outdoor dining space before buy.

What location do you want your patio dining set to be located? Start by looking at your patio and backyard area and note the amount of space you have available. It is critical to allow adequate space between the tables and seats so that you can walk about easily. For example, if you have a small deck, it makes little sense to purchase a big, circular table to fit on it. An alternative is a compact, square, or rectangular outdoor eating table, which may be more appropriate.

Take into consideration the conventional space requirements for the outdoor coffee table set as well. You'll need at least three feet of free space on all sides of the patio table set so that guests can move their chairs out from under the small patio table set and around it. On a terrace, poolside, and in an area where railings or stairs define the borders, the small patio table set is particularly essential.


The material of your patio dining set is essential, and it will be determined mainly by the weather conditions in your region, as well as your desired appearance. Aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought iron, stainless and galvanized steel, wicker and rattan, recycled plastic, natural wood, and teak are used to construct a small patio table set. According to the temperature in your area, each kind of outdoor dining table set material has unique characteristics that are either beneficial or detrimental. The weather, appearance, and maintenance of each kind of outdoor dining table set material should all be considered before deciding which outdoor dining table set would work best for your needs.

Aluminum outdoor sets, for example, are lightweight, robust, and resistant to warping when exposed to cold temperatures and precipitation. Wrought iron outdoor sets are solid and durable, and they stand up well in windy environments. Outdoor patio set are naturally resistant to mold, rot, and insects, making them ideal for use in damp areas where moisture is a problem. It is critical to thoroughly study the advantages and drawbacks of each kind of outdoor set material before committing to one that may or may not work in your particular area.

Select the size and shape of the table

After taking measurements for the size and form of your table, you can begin to limit down your choices for the most refined outdoor dining set. If you have a large backyard to fill, there are many options from which to choose. An outdoor dining set that is oval or rectangular usually seats most people, and a few even include extension leaves if you have unexpected visitors. Additionally, an outdoor patio set, which provides a range of seating combinations like a Porch Wicker Dining Set, should be considered.

In the case of a smaller balcony, an outdoor table set like Outdoor Black Wicker Dining Set may be preferable to a standard-height small patio set for your outdoor eating needs. Visually, this opens up the area, and modern table sets typically have smaller perimeters, allowing you to save room on your balcony by using them. Additionally, the outdoor patio set provides a more intimate atmosphere. The form of your patio conversation set may significantly affect the overall appearance of your outdoor space. A modern table set with a rectangular or oval shape usually has a more official appearance, while round and square tables may have a more informal appearance.

Chairs type

You may choose your patio set depending on the outdoor dining chairs that will be included with it. Some chairs take up less room than others, allowing more people to sit at the table simultaneously. Some chairs are constructed to provide maximum comfort in the mind and often feature a sling or cushion as standard. In addition to mobility and storage convenience, other seats are built with these features in mind. Many patio chairs are intended to be weather resistant since they are subjected to the elements daily throughout the year.

Consider which elements are essential to your comfort and which ones are most appropriate for your eating and entertaining requirements. Here is a list of chair characteristics to keep in mind when you are shopping:

Cushioned seats: There are many cushioned chair designs to choose from for a small patio set. Utilize your inner designer to pick the color, pattern, and padding that best fits your needs. Finished! One advantage of choosing the East-West Furniture Patio Chair Cushions Dining Arm Chair is that you may switch out the cushions as your preferences vary!

Stackable dining chairs: Not only East-West Furniture Patio Dining Arm Chair Wicker are convenient and space-saving, but they also allow you to put them away until you need them.

Folding chairs with arms: Not only is the Solid Acacia Folding Arm Chair is great for accommodating unexpected visitors, but they are also very portable. Some patio sets even have built-in storage for folding chairs in the table's base.

Folding chairs without arms: Some patio sets even have built-in storage for folding chairs, such as a Solid Acacia Wooden Patio folding side Chair in the table's base. Solid acacia wooden patio folding side chair, but it is without arm.

Dining Table options

Consider the following additions when looking for the outdoor table set that will best fit your needs.

When looking for the modern table set that will best suit your needs, consider the extras that may be included with your set or available as add-ons.

When you don't receive much shade in your outdoor location, a table with an umbrella hole may make the room seem even more welcoming. In addition, you may personalize your patio conversation set by selecting an umbrella in your preferred design and color.

The ability to collapse and store your patio conversation set during the winter may be vital to you. Foldable or stackable tables are two options for your small patio set.

Foldable: If you want even more convenience, search for a foldable outdoor dining table with an Oval Foldable Patio Acacia solid wood Dining Table. The presence of drawers or an under-table shelf allows you to store eating accessories such as napkins and cutlery within easy reach of the table. You may also buy individual components, such as a small deck box or an outdoor storage ottoman, to help you arrange your belongings with a patio conversation set.

Extendable: Tables that can be extended like BBSTXNA Oval Terrace Acacia solid wood Dining Table are an excellent method to accommodate a more significant number of guests for the occasional larger gathering.

Fixed Length: Enhance the comfort with East West Furniture BDETRNA Modern Coffee Table by selecting the right colors, patterns, and textures to match your patio furniture.

Pros and cons


It may be both strong and lightweight, depending on the kind of material used. Besides that, it has the most natural look and exudes positive energy.

It has the potential to be the most fashionable of the bunch. It looks fantastic and may infuse a sense of wonder into your outdoor living area. It's also highly durable, and if it's taken care of correctly, it may endure for a very long time.

It is a low-cost option. This means that you may swap up your patio set clearance at a cheap fee once a year if you want. The table set is available in a variety of designs and hues. Some designs are designed to seem like different types of patio furniture materials. If you prefer to reorganize your area frequently, this is another excellent lightweight choice.

The patio dining set is simple to decorate with cushions to give your outdoor space a splash of color or a little pizzazz. Moreover, since it is a lightweight material, it is simple to move about and rearrange arrangements to suit the situation.


Wicker may not hold up well to the elements, but it can be pretty attractive. In a climate-controlled environment, wicker is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.

It is not as long-lasting as some of the other materials available, such as teak or iron. It will fade and break more quickly, and it may not sustain a significant amount of weight.

It is costly, and if not well cared for and exposed to the weather, it will begin to show signs of wear within a few years.


Final thoughts

Entertaining, relaxing, and congregating with friends and family may all be accomplished via outdoor seating. When you follow these purchasing guidelines when selecting a patio dining set, you'll be well on your way to establishing a backyard patio where your visitors will congregate when the weather is nice.


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